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Егор Кирничный

Company: Airlines Around World  
Callsign: WWA08
Location: Domodedovo (UUDD)  
Rank: Курсант учебного центра (К)   -  percentage of income: 0%
Personal account: 4.928 S
Flight Rating: 0
Number of flights: 0
Average flight rating: 0
Distance of raid: 0 Nm
Cloak time: 00:00:00 h
Admission to VIP flights
Total VIP orders 0
VIP Rating 0
Rating on-line: 0
My property:
Егор Кирничный
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Dispatcher :
My flights (the last 20) Tolerances for company aircraft
Airbus A320-200 TR
Airbus A321-200 TR
Boeing 737-800 TR

Personal experience by type of ACFT
Aircraft Flights Distance Time Average vertical Average rating

Егор Кирничный

Inventory statistics

Pilots : 17126
Companies : 913
Reserved : 23
In flight : 35
Total flights : 623427
Online : 4

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