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New pilots:
1.   Светлана Лукашова
2.   Димасик Лукашов
3.   Сергей Иванович
4.   Илья Долгий
5.   Антон Мотовилов
New companies:
1.   AirRBF
2.   S6 Air
3.   AlAsadAirlines
4.   uhw air
5.   Antonov Air
Changes today - 19/06/2018  

Dear friends.
Today's small changes:
1. Increased freight tariffs for cargo flights by another 5%. Lead follow-up of "alignment" of earnings on cargo and passenger flights.
2. Tariffs for the purchase of displays of advertising banners of companies are lowered. Now one impression costs 1,000 S, a minimum of 100 impressions, and a maximum of 10,000 impressions.
3. Work is continuing on a new client version At the moment, I approached the development of aircraft loading by passengers, cargo and fuel directly through the client.

Чистого неба!
Resource version 5.0.0 - 01/06/2018  

We are running a new version of the resource 5.0.0 again
We really hope that this attempt will be successful.
Discussions, questions and bugs we write here - Resource version 5.0.0
P.S. Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! For normal operation, you need to download the new version of the MFSClientSetup client (v.
There are no cardinal changes there. But the database was changed, so a new version is needed. 

Чистого неба!

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Pilots : 14390
Companies : 2289
Reserved : 87
In flight : 60
Total flights : 516537
Online : 2

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