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New pilots:
1.   Матвей Дворкин
2.   Alexey Romkin
3.   Андрей Кармишин
4.   Danil Sarichev
5.   Матвей Скайуокер
New companies:
1.   GetJet Arilines
2.   UktusAir
3.   Korriban Airlines
4.   AtlasGlobal Україна
Swift - new on-line client - 16/04/2019  

Good day to all!
An interesting online client came out, a multiformat, supports different simulators. In particular, Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane 11.
Learn more about it here.

Чистого неба!
- 08/04/2019  


Чистого неба!
New on the resource - 20/03/2019  

Hello to all. Some changes to date:
1. Added some information in the financial operations of the flight.
2. The insurance repair data has been slightly modified.
3. Added the function of transferring the flight to suspicious during the "cheat" acceleration of time at large distances with the subsequent removal of such a flight, if this act is determined.
4. Corrected some information on the aircraft when buying / renting it.

Чистого неба!
New on the resource - 15/02/2019

Hello to all. Today, a new function was introduced - the demolition of airport buildings and infrastructure. Now you can demolish the buildings of the base airport or infrastructure, and return for them the full cost. So now you have the opportunity to replenish the company's account in case of financial problems or just like that.

Чистого неба!
New on the resource - 20/11/2018

Today I put into operation a new section "Adding Aircraft / Airport". Here you can add airplanes, airports and
manufacturers of aircraft, if they are not yet in the resource.
We kindly request that you follow the instructions and provide accurate information. Otherwise, your additions will not be approved by the administration.
I will try to verify the information you have filled in every day. The data you added will appear in the resource after my verification.

Чистого неба!
Urgently! - 23/10/2018

Yes. This is a hacker attack of ill-wishers, although they pretend to be "good Samaritans". Unfortunately, I had a conversation with these people and they did not heed my requests not to do anything to the resource, but wait for us to fix this bug. It is a pity, but this bug, in our situation, cannot be fixed in one minute or even for a month. To fix this bug, you need to write a completely new client, which I am doing now. But this is a very time consuming work and takes more than one month. And for my part I promise to do everything to fix everything.
But our dear fighters for justice do not care what difficulties we face. It is important for them to "show" their significance. To think about others these people are not used to. Paradox, is not it? Because in their "messages" they write that they are saving you, users from unscrupulous developers. They save you by making mischief for you. Just amazing.
I have no choice but to ask everyone for forgiveness for these antics. I hope you understand this situation with understanding. I just really would not want to close the resource without an urgent period of time. But these people, by their antics, are exactly what they want.

Чистого неба!
Work on the resource - 22.10.2018 - 22/10/2018

Dear friends.
Today's change:
- fixed the error of NOT appearing infrastructure construction - Restaurant.
- some visual bugs fixed
- the price was changed for 1 view of an advertising banner. Price reduced exactly 2 times.

Чистого неба!
Correction today - 08.08.2018 - 08/08/2018

Friends. Today I made some corrections concerning the addition of an additional rating and earnings for on-line flights.
I ask you to pay attention to this and, if possible, to write me the results of the observation on the forum.

Чистого неба!
Development of a new client. - 07/08/2018

The development of a new client continues. And today I want to talk about a new addition to the client.
In the new client, fuel is loaded into the aircraft. And the client will check the total weight of the aircraft load: passengers + cargo + fuel and if this amount exceeds the maximum load of the aircraft, it will need to reduce fuel in the tanks. Thus, with the release of the new client does not get to fly with full fuel tanks and a full load of passengers and cargo to the maximum distance.
Therefore, I suggest that all companies begin to slowly change routes, taking into account the range of flight and taking into account the load of the aircraft. All the data for this is there.

P.S. On the resource. At the moment I'm doing a full test of the resource with the test creation of several companies from scratch. Each section is validated. I am correcting bugs, shortcomings and introducing new ideas written over the past few years.

Чистого неба!

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