Virtual civil aviation

New pilots:
1.   Denis Gushchin
2.   Alex Popov
3.   Павел Машков
4.   Артём Сомок
5.   Родион Швецов
New companies:
1.   Fly Arystan
2.   Touristic Air Carriers
3.   Virtual S7
4.   Trap Airlines
5.   DevilFly
- 11/02/2020  


Чистого неба!
Library of the virtual pilot and dispatcher - 06/02/2020  

Good day to all!
There was a free place in which little by little I fill in the useful documentation. Manuals, textbooks and articles that will help to master the virtual pilots and controllers in the virtual sky. ;)
Manuals for dispatchers:
Aircraft vectoring
Manual for dispatchers. Taxiing
Manual for dispatchers. Tower
Manual for dispatchers. Circle and approach
Radio Phrasiology:
Rules of phraseology of the radio exchange VirtAivil
ICAO 9432 Radiotelephone Communications Manual
Radio Phrasiology Rules

Чистого неба!

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Companies : 940
Reserved : 73
In flight : 55
Total flights : 571964
Online : 6

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