Virtual civil aviation

New pilots:
1.   Александр Лазаренкоо
2.   Alexander Sharonov
3.   Дмитрий Чертков
4.   Олег Дядин
5.   Aleksey Karpov
New companies:
1.   Hainan Airlines
2.   S7 Airlines
3.   AeroVolga
4.   Nizhniy Novgorod AirLines
5.   Урaльcкиe Aвиaлинии
  Full transition to the new version of the client. - 20/09/2023

Hi everybody. Today there will be a complete transition to the new version of the client Client versions:,, will be completely removed and closed for use. Write about any errors that occur when using the new version of the client in the Contacts section.
In the near future, we will begin transferring the entire system together with the flight server to a new habitat. I will notify you about this transfer additionally in the news of the resource. Follow the news.
Clear sky!
  New version. An attempt to fix a drop-down error on refueling. - 12/03/2023

Hi everybody. Download version v3.2.1.0 in which I tried to fix the drop-down message on refueling. Clear sky!
  Version v3.1.4.0 is still available - 04/03/2023

 Hi everybody. I inform you that the previous version of the client v3.1.4.0 is still available. This applies to those who have a refueling error on the new v3.2.0.0 client
, use the v3.1.4.0
version for now, and I am urgently trying to figure out why some aircraft models give this error, provided that there was no refueling.
Sorry for these inconveniences.
Clear sky!
  A new version of the client program. - 02/03/2023

Hi everybody. I present a new version of our client program - v3.2.0.0.
It fixed several minor bugs and 3 errors:

    1. the error of the inability to complete the flight was eliminated, when flying from high-altitude airports
    2. the error of refueling in flight
    3. was eliminated, the error of incorrect fixation of the taxiing speed before takeoff was eliminated.

Download, install and fly. Good luck to everyone.
P.S. Soon the client version v2.2.8.1 will be completely removed and will stop working. I advise everyone to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.
Clear sky!
  Unified Wallet payment system. - 19/12/2022

 Hi everybody. To date, unfortunately, the Unified Wallet payment system has fallen off. Their financial policy has changed and I need to provide them with some additional documents. Unfortunately, these documents are not made for a day or two. This process is lengthy, so we apologize for the inconvenience. In the near future, I will try to look for some alternatives to a Single wallet. Well, there, I hope, I will be able to restore the work of a Single wallet.

Clear sky!
  Hello everyone. - 13/12/2022

Good day to everyone. First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that I was gone for a long time. No, of course I supported the resource in its minimal needs, but still. Believe me, I didn't plan this. Not the maintenance of the resource, of course, but my disappearance. And yet I'm going back to work on the resource. Maybe not immediately and not in large volumes, but not all at once. In order.
1. Next weekend (whether it will be exactly this weekend or not, I will notify you with another message) we are planning to move to a new server with new capacities. Most likely, the resource will not be available for some time.
2. After that, it is planned to correct all the errors and warnings of the system that occurred after the move, since the software versions on the server will be upgraded and some functionality may be outdated. At this stage, we will also be glad of your help in "catching" these same errors and warnings.
3. Complete destruction of the old forum, which is already so outdated that it does not even seem possible to fix or move it. Only replace. Here, unfortunately, everyone will have to re-register on a new forum. And I will eventually transfer the old, most important and useful posts to a new forum.
4. The latest edits in the new version of the client and the final transition to work with this newest version are planned. The old version will be permanently removed from use.
5. Next, I plan to redesign the resource, change the functional part, fix and modify the existing functionality, and introduce new functionality. Here it must be said that this work is very large and voluminous. It will take a very long time. Most likely, a new administrative department will appear at this stage with the delegation of some work. In this regard, groups will be created, well, let's say, assistants, who will be given access to certain features.
6. Work on our own software for online flights. Here, too, you need to make a reservation. This is a fundamentally new task for me and I cannot say 100% now that I will be able to implement it. But I really want to.
7. A new round in an attempt to raise interest in the online server and flights in its open spaces. I don't know how yet. When we get to that, I'll put together a focus group and we'll think together. In the same place, I want to create online schools for both pilot training and dispatcher training.
8. Creating a competitive component, in the form of holding flight championships in the vastness of our server. This aspect will also be discussed further.
And in general, further work on the resource will largely involve additional "connection" to this very work of you, the pilots of the resource. People WITHOUT whom all this would have stalled long ago and FOR whom this is all being done!
Clear sky!

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Pilots : 19047
Companies : 1921
Reserved : 27
In flight : 44
Total flights : 775099
Online : 3

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